Kastle MX89 Skis 2019

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 Kastle MX89 2019


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        Kastle MX89 (Stapleton Ski Review)
        Here in Aspen, CO if you look down from the Ajax Express chair you will see more orange tipped Kastle MX89’s than any other ski. Why? It is a “ski purists” ski, a “skiers” ski. A true expert ski that you cannot “outski” - everything you put into this ski, you get back out of it. However hard you want to drive this ski, it will respond with unwavering confidence. The MX89 is a traditional camber premium Austrian made ski with two sheets of metal (.5mm titianal) and rubber dampening sheets sandwiched between an ash/silver fir wood core. 
        What makes it so great? 
        Hollowthech Technology- The colorful hollowed out tips on the Kastles are not just for looks. They create a significantly lighter tip resulting in a leading edge with more overall contact with the snow. Because there's less mass, tip vibration is reduced, both in amplitude and duration, so the ski is quieter on the snow and the edges are locked into the snow sooner and longer. Imagine a heavier tip being buffeted about on a turbulent snow surface- it deflects and vibrates (oscilates) until it and the snow smooths out again. The longer it takes to return to a (non-oscillating) engaged edge, the less control you have over the ski. The lighter MX89 tip returns the ski to a fully engaged (non-oscillating) edge quicker resulting in more edge hold more of the time. If you need help to visualize click on this link to an animation . The benefit here is a ski with unquestionable edge hold.
        Fast Grip Shovel- The widest part of the ski is just ahead of the end of the effective edge meaning when you tip the skis on edge it engage quickly and accelerates you into the turn. Result- quick turn initiation. Bamm!
        Fast Grip Tail- same as above but at the tail. Result- super strong turn finish.
        Interestingly despite all the expert technology in the ski, it is a surprisingly forgiving ski which allows a skier to progress with the ski as they figure out what they and the ski can handle which turns out to be - anything. 

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        With the help of the HOLLOWTECH technology the ski‘s running characteristics is improved. The cutout section in the shovel leads to a reduced weight of the freely vibrating zone by almost 15 %. The resulting lower inertia moments optimize the retraction behavior of the ski. This means that after an impact the shovel returns much faster to the stable condition, enabling the ski to keep its track much more precisely.