2018 Rossignol Experience 88 HD

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2018 Rossignol Experience 88 HD     

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Rossignol took one of the best selling and best skiing skis of all time and made it even better with HD.  With the addition of the new Air Tip it moves the weight of the ski away from the tip to lower the swing weight and make the  88 even more maneuverable than before. The Air Tip also helps the tips float better in powder and soft snow.

The new Carbon Alloy Matrix  increases snap, rebound and maneuverability. The Experience 88 uses Rossignol's Auto Turn Rocker in the tip to keep you floating in the soft snow, keep a smooth ride on the harder stuff, and initiate quicker, easier turns when you want it to. The Camber underfoot will keep you stable and locked into your turns as you carve your way down a steep groomer. A slight amount of tail rocker will practically complete your turn for you.  Rossi uses an Extended Side Cut in the Experience line that will give you more edge when you need it for going fast and getting your skis over on edge, and less edge when you are going slow with less angle on your ski, for easy and effective turning at all speeds and turn shapes. The Poplar Wood core gives the  88 a very snappy feel, while the layer of Basalt will give you power and stability without adding any extra weight   At 88mm underfoot it gives you the ability to float the pow and rip the groomers.                                                                                                                                                                            ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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